• HI guys & Gals. Im having problems with water irigation, leaks that are occuring from deminished membrane seals under / around the scuttle panel, located at the bottom of the windscreen, and top of engine bay.

    Has anyone had this problem before? Does anyone know the most effective way to solve? I was planning to extract the scuttle panel completly,de-silicon the whole area so its clean for working on, reson for doing this as ex owners have bodged the seals with normal bathroom silicone based sealants, cow-boys! Then reflushing all drain aways feeds, and sico-flexing / bonding the seals down again.

    Any anvances on this or any input in sorting the problem?! Its giving me major headaches with the leak and I just want to take her out for a spin without fear of my new interior being tarnished!

    Please Help. Regards, AZ3_AUTOZAM

  • Sounds to me like you are pretty clued up. What you are suggesting is probably the most sensible option, a little time spent will pay of.

    MX3 window seals are not the best, seem to suffer with shrinkage.
    Good luck… :D

    Post some pictures up of your ride.


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