How Much is My Car Worth ?

  • I have a Red MX3 V6 which is a 'R' plate, has a full service history, MOT (9 nonths), Tax (6 months) and has done only 48,133 miles.

    I've posted some pics here 3 v6/


  • £1,750 trade in
    £1,500 in a private sale (start here and you have room to be talked down)
    Dont bother with ebay unless you go classified listing, your cars in too good condition.

    Milage and FSH are whats helping you out, this is assuming the car is in A1 condition.

    If its got any dints, rips, and a dodgy engine your looking more like £800

    Thats my opinion anyway… anyone else?

  • indeed milegae is very low, but still I doubt you find anyone paying 1 500 in the current economic climate, depends if you need a quick sale (900- 1000 gbp should do) or prefer to wait for a right buyer (1 200 - 1 300)

    if there is no leaks (water pump likes to leak), nice interior, engine is fine and brakes work properly you should get a good price

  • I've had a company car now for over 6 months and the MX3 is just sitting in the drive. My GF wants me to flog it, but I want to keep hold of it I dont mind paying insurance and MOT etc but it's the Road Tax I really dont want to pay. I take it out evry so often to give it a wee run.

    Might just buy a cover for it and hold on to it for a few more years.

  • Hang on to it.

    You know you want to deep down. :D

  • Women!

    Keep the mx3 mate, look after it :)

  • Or…you could just give it to me lol


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