Turbo conversion

  • has any one done the turbo conversion, on the 1.5/1.6
    if so what problems did u have

  • Didnt use the mazda engine mate. but.

    depending on how much boost you want to run!

    boost it to much with standard internals u will blow it up.

    only way to make good power with engines that u wanna boost up is to forge the pistons, and rods, get crank lightend and balanced :)

    can run 1 - 5 psi id say safely with no problems, just put a steel head gasket on it mate.

    safe way is to forge it up.

    if you run into any problems, add me to msn Leehumphreys91@hotmail.com

  • well was gonna use the 1.5 engine already in mine just want a bit more poke to it really,

  • No need to turbo it really mate, as we talked about on msn get them bits done before boosting her :)


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