M Factory LSD for G series transmissions

  • Just incase you haven't seen this and any of you are thinking about LSD, the gearbox kind, there is a group buy on Club Protege: http://www.clubprotege.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=78

    These looks to be Quaife comparable if not better. If you put deposit down tonight you get free bits (bolts and bearings).

    $650 - that'd buy you a half a Quaife, and these are quality helical LSDs. M factory have designed plenty of OEM parts for Mazda VW etc. So should be top notch.

    And no I'm not being paid for this ;) Just a good opportunity, especially for those who have one wheel wonder KLZEs
    :idea: ;)

  • I can't believe no one else responded… for a klze mx-3 this is by far one of the best upgrades you can do to get more power to the ground or at least even distribution of that power... I've been doing some autocross events and this one wheel is killing me!

    too late now for anybody interested so I suppose my little rant is pointless :roll: :D

  • I know! Noobs. For a FWD car especially! I can't wait to get it in, definately going to be such a difference :D

    Seems like it will be few months yet before it's produced though.

  • yeah it will be a while longer probably won't get it til after summer maybe… I can't wait!!


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