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  • I've had engine problems with my 97 mx 3 V6 for a few weeks, stalling at junctions and the car had irregular tick over, it would jump up and down sometimes stalling, it was due a service so when it went in the garage i usually use they told me that one of the o rings had gone and was leaking oil to the spark plug…..... thought this was the cause of my problems or so i thought. After all the work was done it still has the same problem, the mechanic tried all sorts to fix it, blocking of vacumes in the throttle body etc and he says i have to take it to mazda to get them to plug the computer into it. Any Ideas as to how much that will cost?? the mechanic says it could just be something stuck instide the throttle body. How much are they to replace if it is knackered????



  • From a scrap yard your looking at £30 for a TB

    Its a shame your not closer to me, I've got loads of spare bits and i'm sure I could get it sorted again for you. I keep meaning to put em all on ebay.

    What did they do on the service?

    my first thought would have been to rule out the obvious
    vacuum lines

  • thanks for the reply, he checked everything he could without starting to take things to bits, thats why he said take it to mazda to get a engine read out or it could get really expensive if he had to check everything. Ive found someone however who will do the engine read out for 40 quid so thats saved me a bit, it goes in on monday…..fingers crossed.



  • it was a major service by the way spark plugs all the filters etc

  • check the plugs dude, there is some real dodgy mechanics out there, who will blow on em and stick them back in, without gapping them.

    better to check.

  • How did it go?

  • delayed untill tomorrow morning, will get back with the results then

  • Well I had to take it to a mazda dealer in the end, turns out that one of the vacuum pipes had split whih has been that was causing all the problems, cost me £150 quid to get it sorted though…

  • Glad you finally got it sorted. 8)

  • yeah, it must have been split a while, the difference driving it back to work was unreal. I just presumed it needed a service, when it all started 3 - 4 months ago. Should see an improvement in mpg as well now.

  • @fd5e9fdfc3=bobba:

    Should see an improvement in mpg as well now.

    don't think so cos now its working you'll be a ragin the nips off her. :D


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