NO Spark since engine (K8) Transplant

  • A perfectly running 1994 KL8 engine was transplanted (wrecked body but drivable) into a 1992 that had a fried engine. Getting camshaft SGC & SGT signals, Coil primary & Secondary windings check out, Coil Red wore (-) pulsing but no spark. It worked just 1 week ago up until it was shut down for its removal. Have replaced 1992 ECU K801 with ECU from 1994 (K834A). Could there be some difference between the odb1 looms in the 1992 and the 1994??
    Help… any suggestions?

  • I had a similar problem when i installed my KLZE which run before i put it in my car. Had no spark in the end i swaped the whole distributor from the K8 and it fired up straight away. Would suggest you try that only takes a few minutes. Pretty sure there is no diffrence in looms.

  • IIRC distributor wiring changed within those years and the old one may not have the hall effect camshaft sensor to match the 94 ecu. Even the caps may be different. You need the dizzy which matches your ECU and loom. So stick to 92 loom 92 ECU 92 Disty.

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions and feed back.

    The issue was with the distributor wiring.
    I was just about ready to start the GM Ignition module mod, but decided to take one last look at the wires.
    The 6 pin plug on the distributor was correctly wired but the 3 pin plug wiring did not match that of the 3pin plug in the mod documentation, there was not even 1 wire in its correct position.

    The pin outs are as follows

    The 1994/5 distributor 3 pin connector:
    Pin A = Ignition / Coil+
    Pin B = Data Link Connection / Coil-
    Pin C = Tachometer output

    The loom in the 1992 body was wired as follows
    Pin A = Data Link Connector / Coil-
    Pin B = Tachometer output
    Pin C = Ignition / Coil+

    Just took apart looms 3 pin plug, reinserted the wires using the 1995 garage manual and my metering out of the distributor as reference and she hit on the first twist of the key.

    Baby does she ever purrrrr

    You sure learn a lot about an ignition system when it does not what to work…


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