Picking up my Mx-3 Tommorow, some info needed please?

  • Ok! Going to pick up my 3 in a few days, needed to buy a cheap runaround for me to get to and from work as the Celica GT-4 is a little petrol hungry!, just been trying to find some information on it as it is the SE Equipe Model, I cant really find any info on what makes this a special model and wondered if you guys could help.

    Its a nice dark metallic green with a blue sticker on the side saying equipe, it has half leather seats with white suede inserts, looks rather nice.

    So yea any help would be appreciated!

    Kind regards


  • "In 1996, Mazda Europe produced 100 Mazda MX-3 V6 SEs. These had a leather and suede interior, and all had the Clear White body colour. There were also a limited number of Mazda MX-3 V6 Equipes, with Sparkle Green Metallic or Noble Green exteriors."

    Don't suppose you would swap your seats for mine???? :lol:

  • Thanks guys, saw that on wikipedia, and just wondered if that was the only differences, thought it might have had some other little touches :D

    I think i'll be keeping the seats - they need a bloody good clean though!

  • @0fd1e1ea2a=MX3Bloke:

    I think i'll be keeping the seats - they need a bloody good clean though!

    Spoilsport!! Get some good stuff to clean them. They are rare and precious.

  • i'll clean them matey, dont worry about that, then i'll probably give it a full respray to get rid of the little scabs and everything, blessings of being a sprayer i suppose!

    We'll see if i like the colour might go for something a little different

  • Looks nice a nice MX3, welcome to the forum.

    Nice to have another member in the trade. :P

  • The holy grail of seats :O Nice one and welcome :)

  • Found something else thats different, the wheels, they are original mazda ones :D

  • nice find bud.


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