Rear window defrost AGAIN

  • rite it does not work.

    i can hear the relay working the light comes on on the switch. i have voltage accross the terminals on the rear window .

    what else can it be or shall i rewire the circuit from battery to switch an relay out to window

  • If you have voltage across the terminals at the window then you have supply to there. I assume you do not get voltage with the dash-switch turned off. That would mean everything is working ok up to the window.
    So it must be after that, indicating your window elements are faulty.
    Have a close look at them to be sure there are no breaks.

  • well the elements dont look to good from the out side take it its a new window job :evil: :cry: :(

  • You can buy a sort of metallic paint that you brush on to bridge the gaps on the element. Check out your local motorshop or maybe Halfudge.
    I have heard of this working ok - and not. :?

  • ok mate i wil have a look, if not any one no the price of a rear window

  • Hi all,
    I have almost the same problem, both fuses are ok and I can hear the relay click when I push the switch but there is no light on and no voltage at the window, does the light in the switch make a difference?

  • dont know about a rear window but it would be cheeper geting a compleet hatch off ebay

  • well i rang up mobile windows and the rear windows glass costs

    1500 quid

    scrap yard i think

  • Or you could drive over here and take mine, either just glass or complete hatch if you like - £30 and it's yours, then even with petrol you could pay toi have it fitted and still be well under £100 all in!!!!


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