Probinator Chip

  • Can anyone help me with a trusted link so that i can purchase a chip please.

    Also by using this chip in my K8 ecu that i have pre-checked and is able to have one installed can i get rid of my VAF50?

    Many thanks.

  • Right here:


    Any questions please feel free to email me at

    I accept paypal Or money order. Email me if you want to send a money order. or my paypal address is

    Cost is 45.00 Shipped within the U.S

    This will run richer that your kl31/36 you already have. You still need your je50 VAF though. The reason why it says "eleminate the need for je50" is because probe owners normally have to buy a KL31 and a JE50 VAF because they have the kl01 VAF and ECU. So it eliminates their need to buy another VAF, as it can be chipped to match their kl01 VAF.

    Only way to lose your VAF is to get a piggyback or standalone like megasquirt, TECII etc as these use MAP sensors.

  • Thankyou very much 8)


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