• Does anyone know where i can get a new 1.5 engine in ireland / N.ireland ? I finally got my mx back on the road a few weeks ago and it died on my within 8 hours . I now need a new engine as all the cylinders are gone . if anyone knows where i can get a new one please let me know . otherwise i guess i'll have a mx for parts very soon ! hopefully not tho.

    Thanks for any replies .

    Dan .

  • mx3's are cheap enough to buy now…

    why put another 1.5 in :S

  • because i dont have enough money to buy a brand new car . the only ones for sale in ireland are at least 2000 euro , which i havent got . i barely have enough for a new engine .

  • what happened?

  • Only had the thing back on the road a few hours . was on the way to naas for a job ( first day ) and the thing just cut out on me ( in the fast lane !! ) smoking loads , stuck pulled over on the fast lane . lol. lucky i didnt crash tho . cause it just gave up on me while i was driving .
    Anyway , after it being stuck in naas for 2 weeks i managed to get it back up to dublin on xmas eve . but the mechanic thats looked at it says all the four cylinders are gone and i need a new engine. being as broke as i am , ( not being able to work that job cause i cant get back from the place at 4:30 in the mornin ) I havent got the cash for a new car , and i see another engine as the only option .
    know anywhere i could get one ? or what types of engines i can stick in there? ( should have seen me that night after work. lol. had to walk to naas from the hotel id been working in, in the pissing rain with no path or street lights , managed to hitch hike back to dublin tho after about 40 mins. )

  • Cylinders gone in what way, and for what reason?

    I'd get a second opinion.

  • not sure, was just told i needed a new engine. altho i trust the person as its a friend of my stepdads . cant afford to pay another mechanic to look at it . running on a very tight budget . . . .

  • whats it doing/not doing?

  • wont start . makes a noise like its trying . but just wont . the electrics work . but not much else . if i cant find an engine i wont be able to keep it up there much longer . so your welcome to have a look at it once i get it back . lol . towing from naas was a bitch . lol. couldnt see anything in front of me cause it was a huge van that was towing me . prob can only keep it in tallagh for another 3 or 4 days .

    Should i just buy this ?|65%3A7|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    cant get the fucking link to work. uuurgh .

  • right check it for oil, drain the oil and check for peices of steel in the old oil check your cambelt(cams) man check them out and let us know

  • id just put new oil in it that day, when i put water in the radiator earlier that day i noticed it was leaking also . think the whole thing overheated. the engine was smoking when it gave out on me . Im gonna get it back anyway ,cause i know i wont find an engine and cant afford to buy one and then pay the guy 300 to drop it in anyway , should i get that one on ebay . not sure about how dodgy it looks . really dont want to scrap the car, would be a waste of 3k if i did ! . I'll get it back and let you know then, do you think id be able to find an engine in ireland ? fucking useless country as usual .

  • do not pay for a new engine yet, it could just be a fried head gasket,
    or let it run dry

  • cool. i'll see about getting it back in a bit .

  • we did a nissan sunny with a sr20de engine, 160mph got the car and engine free and 26 pounds for parts and some hard work she was eating scoobys :)

    its all about waiting mate, things will come along!

    were debating building a sunny me and my mate or a fiesta 2L Zetec and tweaking it to near 200bhp

  • dang, 1.5s are probably the hardest to come across. I'd check compression (£15 for a tester) and what rob said, then panic about new engines.

  • check the 4 cyl tech section here. i did an engine swap list for your car


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