B6 sohc 16v to bp dohc swap

  • the motor is already in place, however the injector harnes is different, what do i do, also do i need to change to ECU to the original BP ECU? and will it fit in the stock engine harnes? i am stuck and really need some help guys, please help, with whatsoever information is needed for this swap

  • I have never undertaken the swap that you are doing but as a rule of thumb i would suggest the correct ECU for the engine is best.

  • Got a feeling you need the BP harness, and as mechanic says the BP ECU. You should really ask on mx-3.com forums. Lots of people have done the BP swap there, whereas none to my knowledge have in this forum.

  • according to mx-3.com its the simplist swap, as far as i remember from reading up on it, the SOHC doesnt need a new harness and loom but the does need the ECU

    you will have probably read all this before but i'll link it anyway:

  • hey, the car started with the B6 harnes and ECU, i had to swap the injector harnes from the BP to the one from the B6, the injector harnes from the BP has more pins so the B6 harnes would not have worked, its starting, will take her out for a test drive tonight.


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