• Hi all,

    I haven't been on here in ages.

    I bought a bumper off ebay a while back and have recently got round to fitting it. Not very well I might add lol. It was my first attempt (Oh yeah and I sprayed the headlight :roll: )

    Got to get some mesh and get it sprayed properly.

    It's off the road at the moment. No tax, no MOT.

    Needs new tyres all round and exhaust gaskets off the downpipes as they are perished. Needs alot of TLC.

    Hoping to get it re-sprayed in Vauxhall burnt orange with 18" black alloys.

    It's lowered 40mm, but ideally I'd like it down to 60-80 on coilovers, but as I have been reading up on here, that may be alot more tricky that I thought.

  • lol at the headlight! I link that bumper would look cool smoothed out a bit. Like fill the top grill hole and smooth it flat. Smooth the faux slits at the bottom lip. and get a big air intake on one of thos fog holes. Or maybe some angel eye lamps. Burnt orange sounds sweet.

    For your exhaust, why not get stainless headers and downpipe off ebay?

    Ksport and D2 (same company) make coilovers for our cars. Or get dropzone coilovers sleeves (come with eibach springs).

  • Petrol
    Nail polish remover
    brake cleaner

    all of them will get the paint off the headlamp

    or you could use a stanley knife blade :)

  • agree with everything marco said, and welly for that matter.

  • Cause were clever :lol:

  • Excellent, thanks for the input guys.

    She up in the air at work at the mo. I'm working on it in my lunch breaks.

    I didn't realise you could get stainless headers and downpipes for the klde, thought it was just the klze, or do they both fit?

    I'm planning to get it all sorted for Jap Fest (got alot of work to do).

    I really like the idea of a low boost supercharger. Not so much for massive hp figs, but just a little more torque low to mid, and that fantastic supercharger whine. I know the KLZE swap is the most popular, but I just love the high pitch res you get from the smaller pistons. Does'nt seem to be any kits around, looks like it will have to be a bundle of bits thrown together with some decent mapping. If it can be done for under 3k I'll def go for it.

  • The pipes fit K8 KLDE/ZE the exhaust ports are all the same size, dont know why strange really.

  • Should be fine… But those chocolate turbos are well uuummmm CRAP


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