Side Repeaters

  • Hi all ive been doing a little search for some new side repeaters all i find are mx5 clear or smoked etc…i would like a nice set of clear repeaters for the front wings any advice on where to find some and styles available..
    thanks in advance..

  • MX3 seem to be totally different from everything else.

    I sell MX6, 626, 323 parts, but they are all different from the MX3. I've not seen them commercially available anywhere.

  • some people use ones from a 3 I think, I've seen some clear one on the mx-3 before, might have been modified 626 ones.

  • Would a nice set of universal clear ovals go on or even look right..

  • Yea check out my ZE worklog, it has clear ovals. I got them with the car so I can't tell you exactly what they are though.

  • i just used an ordinary pair of £6 universal ones, i did the wiring myself.
    When you use the sticky pad, make sure wing is clean, and as a hint i put a small smear of clear mastic around the repeater to stop water getting to the sticky foam!

  • nice one mate thats what i was looking for.. top tip on the mastic as well..

  • also try and buy the biggest ones there, as the hole left by the original repeater is on the large side, i only just managed to get mine on

  • i had halfords ford focus white led ones on mine look quite well also just covered huge whole also

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