Engine dying on idle.need help

  • ok so now my cars starting to cut out at idle.
    it will sit at 1000 then just drops to 250 the drops and dies.
    it will sit at 250 some times but you can here it ready to die.
    was doing that last 2-3weeks but now decides to die.

    what should i be looking at?
    thanks in advance

  • sorted.
    hole had obviously got bigger in the air flow pipe over the last few weeks.
    wrapped tape round and hey presto it ok

  • It must be the weather. Exact same thing happened to mine this week!! Taped it for now, but the proper part is 61 quid from mazda!! I guess the air mass is getting an incorrect reading. It went like hell under power though!!

  • Terminology used in the UK is sometimes different then that used here in Canada.

    When you refer to the "Air Pipe" are you talking about rubbery/plastic pipe situated between the throttle body and the Mass Air Flow Sensor and is referred to as (in the 1995 MX3 garage manual) The Air Intake Hose?

  • Yeah you are correct air pipe = air intake pipe.


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