Quaffe Torque Bias Diff (LSD) for Mazda MX3 K8

  • I know most of you are more into the show side, but i emailed Quaffe as i want a diff and they said if we could get 10 orders together they would make a batch of the LSD for our cars…

    If we can get 10 peeps who are interested they will look into it further and give a quote.....

    Whilst we may be at it, it may also be worth sliding on a new 5th final drive ratio from the MX6/626 box to make cruising more economical.

    Anyone interested?

  • What are the benefits of an LSD on a FWD? I always thought they were for drifting.

  • They already do a Quaife LSD for the MX3, or at least they used to.

    It was around £1500

    But not an easy Job, if you take it to a garage expect to be shelling out alot of cash.

  • When a wheel spins it sends more torque to the non-slipping wheel.

    Makes for much better cornering and improved take offs.

  • Doesn't that just encourage both wheels to spin in hard cornering though? I can't really get my head around it. Not doubting its effectiveness just trying to understand how it works.

  • http://corksport.com/store/category/53fy/mx3-drivetrain.html

    near the bottom of the page, and its in canadian dollars.

  • Thats £706

    Then you got shipping.

    Then you got customs charges.

    Then you got to get it fitted.


  • A good friend of mine fitted a Quaffe LSD to his modified Volvo S70 T5 (FWD) trust me… it was worth every penny, it just pulls beautifully out of corners and bearly spins a wheel in the dry.. Bearing in mind it is putting around 235whp through those front tyres...

    I took my 1.8 round the nurburgring though, and i had no traction problems at all, so I guess i would only reccomend if you have 2.5 v6 or more under the bonnet..

  • I suppose you have to be into performance to justify big money on mods. There comes a point with the MX that you need to spend big money to get further results…..

  • i may be intrested how much would one of these Quaffe lsd cost ?

  • @23e546cda0:

    "Wtf kind of differential do you have?"

    I have a Tochigi Fugi Sangyo 2-way clutch type differential AKA THE MAZDASPEED PROTEGE OEM UNIT. You can buy this from your Mazdaspeed dealership. I called it the Tochigi Fugi Sangyo b/c thats what it is…..plus its fun to throw people off when you don't want everyone "copying" your setup.

    "How was the installation? Any difficulties?"

    Yes there are a few things to know, but if you researched first you'd know all of these. FIrst off the MSP does NOT have a speedometer ring on the differential. IT uses its ABS sensors to tell the speedo what speed the car is going (aka the axle's speed). Since the LSD doesn't have a plastic speedometer ring, you need to buy one for your speedo gear. Get it new from the mazda dealership for MX-3 or Probe GT.

    You also need a pair of new bearings for the LSD as it does not come with these out of the box. You also should order the lil pin thingy that goes inside the diff and I think there is one other minor part you need (a lock nut for the primary & secondary gearshafts).

    You may need to have the diff slightly machined where the speedo ring presses on, as the diff is sprayed with a textured paint or coating that kinda makes it unsmooth. You might be able to sand this off w/a dremel or something, but the machine shop you take the diff to to have the bearings pressed on should have the tools to do this anyways.

    ANOTHER NOTE: If you read about this diff on msprotege.com forums you'll see people b----ing about how its a weak pos and breaks. This is true. If you are pushing more than a lightly modded KLZE you should DEFINITELY have the differential welded to the ring gear before installing. Since its out anyways, might as well right? The pos rivets that teh diff is held together with apparently are crap and break if you put down too much power. So a safeguard is to weld the diff to the ring gear ESP if you are NAWzzing or running FI.

    "How is the Differential? Does it kick a--?"

    I dunno, I don't drive like an a-- enough to determine if it helps my drag launches....add to the fact my current tires are 205/60 Falken ZEIX 512's on my stock 15's and POS Kumho 711's on my 16" Rota's. I plan on getting the new designed Azenis on my Rota's when the proper size comes out in August but until then I won't have any good tires to really test this thing out w/.

    I have, however driven on some windy roads, but I've yet to auto-x with the diff yet. It DOES help in the corners immensely. If you are pushing the mofo to its limits in the corners you will feel the car pull hard as fock out of the corner if you are flooring it (and revving higher as the KLZE powerband sux down low). I also drove it quite a bit in the snow, it helped quite a bit.

    I don't know how to test the deceleration aspects of the diff (braking), plus my brakes SUCK right now and I"m in the process of completely overhauling every component in the system so until then I don't know if it kicks a-- in that deparment.

    "How much is the differential?"

    I paid $320 (you read right) for mine. I paid like 28 dollars for both of the bearings, 8 dollars for the speedo ring and like 9 dolars per each of the lock nuts. ALl in all I paid like $420 shipped total for everything. Since most ppl here don't have a Mazda account like I do, you'll have to pay retail which is approx $580 for the unit, possibly as much as 25 PER bearing (u need two) and 12 for the locknuts and speedo rings. All in all, maybe 700 total for everything.

    Machine work costed me $40 for the pressing of the bearings & speedo ring and My buddy welded the diff for free using a MIG (i think it was) welder. Dunno how much welding costs but I don't think it will cost much to have it welded if you take it to an exhaust shop or something.

    "What other things should I know?"

    I'm not 100% sure on this but I think you DEFINITELY NEED 4.11 final drive gears to fit this differential. Your stock diff is a 4.39 final drive, this diff is a 4.105 (4.11). I tried fitting my stock gears w/this diff in and they didn't turn, they jammed when I tried to turn the primary or secondary shafts.

    Luckily I'm a bastard (as usual) and found a 1999 Ford ZX2 SR at the junkyard, the same one I got my current suspension from. I lucked out hardcore b/c someone pulled the Zetec engine and left the transmission sitting on the ground. I bought the transmission for $75 pre-pulled, took it home, opened it up.

    Guys on PT have stated in the past that the 97+ Ford Escorts (which all have G-series gear boxes) had better gears and synchronizers. The gears are cut at better angles & the sychros are made of brass instead of copper which corrodes if you use the wrong fluid (fluid w/sulfur eats copper). So I put those in and they fit perfectly. I messed w/the 5th gear too and used my old one in combination with a differnet "idler" gear for the 5th gear and whaddya know! Now my 5th is WAY TALLER than it ever was before. I think I effectively reduced it to the .69 from .80 based on some calcuations I made but hell if I know. I rev at 3300rpm at 70mph now which is at least 300 rpm less than I did with my stock gearbox.

    Full post at http://mx-3.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=41214

    Cheaper than quaffe but perhaps tricky to attain? can't say I've tried…

  • :shock: Hi mx3 people, have a look at my link !!!!!!!!
    There is a company selling them for £185.

    Thats cheeeeeeeeppp…......Now pass me a banana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yea the guys in the states have gave this a go. Apparently it works well but puts serious strain on your tranny, so maybe expect to blow one up occasionally ;) Please try and let us know ;)

  • yeah there's a reason there's a big price difference :roll:


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