Alloy wheel nightmare

  • Hi Guys, got myself some toyota corrolla t sport rims 16" which I was very careful in choosing as they are the correct 100mm and 45 offset. However went to get them fitted today and the bloody wheel nuts dont fit!!

    The nuts that are standard on the mx are dished at 60 degrees, the toyota wheels i have need a flat nut. Typical, so am now sourcing some new nuts. I have decided on 205/50 r16 as this seems mathimatically closest to the orginal 205/55 r15's that were on there. Ill let you all know how they run… Anyone for some orginal v6 wheels..!!

  • so your nuts are on the fritz? sorry to hear it friend.

    (couldnt help, sorry :lol: )

  • Got my new nuts in the new wheels are on… Im running kumho KU31's and so far its a bit scary as the lift off oversteer is mental! Maybe they will bed in. They dont sqeal like my old barums which is a shame as i think it helps you understand where the limit is.

  • You know what to do then - dont lift off. :P

  • Good point!! :oops:

    Looking at castle combe or abingdon airfield in feb for a proper test..

  • A little advice on a track day, when your either cueing up to get on track or get a 10 minute call before you go on track. 90% of people start there engines and sit there waiting. The heat soak especially on our engines is awfull, lack of power will be noticable. I suggest cueing up and switching of or waiting till last minute. Then using first lap to warm up brakes and getting to running temperature.

    Also tyre pressures, for me i found this worked on 205/50 r15 is to use 30 rear and 32 front (psi). I used my pyrometer when i finished each session and found even tyre heat this way.

    Oh yeah and when you get in the pits dont apply your handbrake as the heat generated can cause your pads to weld to the discs.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the advise mechanic. I have done a fair few track days already in the maz, just not on these wheels/tyres. Ill bare in mind the engine though when waiting. I have pictures from the nurbugring, from the last two years, but i have no url space to display them on this forum!

  • Thats cool, i am also a bit of a track nut. Hate the all show no go. Love showing up some expensive and apparently fast cars…

  • Absolutely. I did some silverstone sessions at trax this year, and the track was like ice, it was wet after the touring cars, and i kid you not no-one overtook me. My little 1.8 loved it, spinning in 3rd and forth, but she still got round quicker than some 4wd stuff. Wish I had took some in car video.

    The MX-3 chassis is excellent, it does imbarress some epensive stuff. The trouble is, I go all out as ive leant my car, and it is worth next to nothing, i cannot see the point in having a 40k porcshe and driving like a girl.

    It is such a cheap track car to run, dependable, very light on tyres and is good on insurance at £170 a year!


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