Plz help, engine turnover but wont start

  • ok i just bought this mx. i was able to drive it home. but it seemed to be missing allot. it would idle roughtly and as soon as i would placed it in gear (automatic) it would die. to drive it i would have to be pressign the gas already before i placed it in gear. please help. i already changed plus wires and gas filter. its a 1992 sohc 1.6

  • you have done plugs and leads rite,
    well do dizzy cap and rotor arm, if it s not that
    clean out teh throttle body, and general stuff like that

  • ok got it started, but its still missing. plug wires are all good, could it be the coil? or if it was that it would not start at all?


  • coils can be some what ittermitent. IIRC Mazda haven't made an interference engine for decades, so I'm sure your valves are fine in that respect. Read through the troubleshooters in the online workshop manual at In what way was timing off? Using a timing light?

  • well i believed the timing belt had skiped a few teeths. like i said its starting now but missing. what could cause this?

  • missing would normally come down to
    dizzy cap
    rotor arm

  • ok after the first two starts it would not start anymore, i also failed to mention that there's allot of oil on the motor. we did a compression test and we only had between 50 and 105 psi on the cylinders. maybe the valves are bad? allong with a blown head gasket?

  • Well if your timing is off by several teeth, then the valves aren't going to seal in correct sequence, therefore compression would be appalling. Is there mayo in the oil cap/dipstick? or oil floating in the overflow tank? Where is all this oil leaking from?

  • ok we pulled the head and the gasket was not good, it was broken and was leaking, could this have cause it not to start being that i had just started it the day before and did not even drive it, was just to warm it up. i was actually going to drive it the day it started but it just died on me and never started again. what do you guys think?

  • I say you pay a visit to whoever sold you it. With a blown head gasket it's not really surprising that it didn't start again. With no compression combustion is going to fail. Are the pistons and valve train ok? You want to check the head and block hasn't warped before slapping it back together. Might need to get both decked by machine shop. Head bolts are probably stretch bolts, so best getting new bolts.. Or find another engine.

    Unlucky dude, hope you have better luck soon

  • parts here are like impossible to get, there is only one other mx around here. i live in Belize in central america. the car isnt really cammon here. i was however able to get a headgasket, but no piston rings. ill see how it goes

  • ok its driving now, however everytime i put it in drive it idles so low that i think its going to die. what could be the problem? also i hav some bad lifters on the intake side. could this be contributing to the rough idling? would bad lifters cause it to miss?

  • KLZE it, easy fix, full day can have it in and running :)

    All these little problems u have, will make one big one for you.

    work threw the full engine slowly :)

  • im getting frustrated, spend a lot of money in a rebuilt and it still dotn work, now it starts and everytime i try to drive it dies. why? as soon as i would put it in D to drive it dies.

  • check AFM give it a clean

    lad from usa had the same problem cleaned the pins on afm, with me telling him what to do while he was showing my on laptop webcam run perfect after :)

  • ok i just bought a DOHC BP, i had in a 1.6 SOHC B6, what all do i need to carry out this swap? or is it just to pull out the B6 and drop in the BP?


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