Running 4 of 6 injectors in a KLZe with piggyback ECU

  • Hey Lads,

    Here's a question. image that your running a KLZE with a piggy back ECU that has two maps. One give higher torque and BHP and the other gives better fuel consumption.

    Now while using the map with the better fule consumption, does anyone know if you can program the ECU to alony work with 4 injectors instead of 6?????

    Obviously the two injectors taken off line would have to be on opposite sides to maintain a constant force along the crank but would it be possible????

    Hit me back.


  • To try your theory why dont you unplug the two injectors and pull the leads on the cylinders you dont want to use…

    It will drive like crap, it would probably keep setting your knock sensor off as well. But if it does work then... hmmm, i have heard of some italian and german cars that shut a whole bank off, but they have all been V8's.

  • I like your thinking! V6 has been done too:

    Honda's Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) used on its Accord Hybrid further boosts fuel economy. While the vehicle is cruising and the engine isn't being too heavily taxed, VCM turns the Accord Hybrid's gasoline-powered V6 into a fuel-sipping three-cylinder by shutting down one bank of cylinders. The engine changes over from six to three and back to six cylinders seamlessly without a driver ever knowing. Chrysler and General Motors both employ similar technology in V8 combustion engines, so we expect that coming full-size hybrid trucks from these manufacturers will also have it.

    Megasquirt actually uses bank firing, so regarding injecting fuel you could literally flick a switch. But removing injection and spark electronically with software/MSnS would be more favourable/sucessful! I've read that people have been able to run on just one bank after one bank failing…

    EDIT - major flaw-
    with no combustion, you'll actually have to use twice the fuel on the other bank to overcome the compression on the bank that's not being used.

  • thinking that too. you'd have to leave all the valves open or something!!!

  • this just doesn't sound right at all…. :?

  • I wouldn't even go there if you value your engine.


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