Wee lights below main headlight units (sidelights?)

  • Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can help me, I'm trying to find a good pair of bulbs for the little little lights below the head lights, I'm assuming these are referred to as the sidelights.

    Can anyone tell me the model number and/or the pin configuration of these bulbs!

    Cheers in advance


  • Just regular push in capless sidelights. May as well just take one out and take it to the shop.

  • Yeah i was going to take them to my local Halfords but they only have the original bulbs and i was wanting to get some brighter ones so was wanting the exact bulb type to order some online but i guess any 5v bulb with the same fitting will be alright.

    The side light would just look a lot better with some decent bulbs or maybe even LED's or something.


  • get some super bright white leds off ebay
    capless type bulb
    they have a slight blue tint to them where there on

  • Cheers bud,
    I think that's what im gonna do.


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