Hi revs

  • also… while im here lol :lol: .. wen i start up the revs are pretty high.. nearly 2000. this lasts about 3 or 4 mins then it dies down. is this because of an automatc choke or sumit u fink?? :? . ive looked at some of ur answers 2 other people havin same probs but i kinda want my own answer or theories 4 peace of mind lol... sori 4 bein a pain troops!! :oops:

  • There is a small sensor, looks like a black size D battery underneath the Throttlebody. Its a Thermostat that lets the ECU know when the temp has picked up as there is no choke on the Mazda it injects more fuel untill the temp is reached then it drops the revs via the ECU, usually 4-5min as you say or when warm revs drop 10-15 sec after idle when stationery….

    To sort it out bud,

    2k RPM is too high, start the car and let it warm up until the fan cuts in. Then switch ignition off
    Behind your battery there is a small black box with "diagnostics" printed on the top.

    Open the cover and look under the cover, it has labeled ports like a fusebox in a car. You need to connect the TEN and GND (bent paperclip works well) then start the car again. The revs will be high but using the Idle Screw on the Top of the Throttle body you can adjust the revs 200rpm above where you want it to idle, id say set it at 900rpm so it drops to like 700-800 usually. When your happy switch the engine off, take the Bent Paperclip out and start again.

    Done :D

  • :wink: genius m8… ive some1 about to show me how in an hr lol :D ... he hadnt a clue till he read this. id no clue full stop lol. is ther any end 2 the talent in here??????????? i`ll let ya know how it went once im done yeah ... cheers m8 :wink:


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