Just been offered

  • just been offered a 1.8 v6 for 350 notes has high milage tho 151000
    what u think he says all gaskets have been changed

  • mine has 143500 and is going strong!!

    personally i would go for it tmw. sure you can just get a replacement engine if it goes bang.

    or if you can, get a mechanic to give a look over!

  • buy it
    if your going to change the engine then dont worry
    the suspension might need changing, but i have all new suspension on mine which im chopping out for coilovers if you fancied
    just make sure the general condition of the car is sound and it will make a good car to do the transplant in

  • depends i would probly put the extra bit to get a lower miled full history one with low amount of owners.

    but for 350 after gasket change i have to ask why so cheap as the gasket change would of cost 200+.

    i would get a mechanic on it 1st to be honest before buying"could be summert up with it" and owner thought it was gaskets but its not.

    remember also you can buy these all day between 300-600 but weaver its a gooden or not is another thing.

    i bought mine with full history and full mot for 500 i am 2nd owner and it had full service 5000 miles before i bought it.
    body work was not so good but mechanical wise it was a minter.
    2months later i have cv joint problems and air flow probs.

    what im trying to say is either way you will have problems with these cars.if i had my choice again i would of got the 1.5 or 1.6 as the v6 is not very fast at all and to many things to go wrong.

  • if the reg is k397 drp leave it mate. it was mine sold it in cardiff and been told they are trying sell over the bridge. the rear end wont last till next mot. and engine is shot.!!!


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