KL FUBAR, clatter clatter clunk clunk tappy tap tap

  • My KL decided the night before last that it would start squirting oil. I didn't know this til I drove it to work yesterday morning and had a light tapping noise at ~2000rpm upwards when standing still (or cruising at ~3000 up). I didn't think much of it til I drove it home last night, when the oil light lit up when I was cornering left. The clattering got worse and worse. I poured 4l of 10/40 in last night, but it's just dribbled out again. It now doesn't feel good at all and even threatens to stall when warm idling.

    So, how much can I salvage from the K8? The guy at the garage next door to me reckons I'll need the crank shaft grinding as well as cam-related stuff (lifters, that sort of thing)

    If I pull the crank covers off, how obvious will the damage be?

  • Where's it leaking? I would probably fix the leak and give it ago, it's only a k8 :D If it's rueened get a cheap KLDE, more power, cheaper than rebuilding k8. If it's at the stage where you need your crankshaft reground it's really not worth it!

    The oil light represents low oil pressure, which figures with there being hardly any oil. With no oil, bearings will be a welded mess quickly enough. When the previous owner of my ZE engine cracked his sump the bottom end bearings were the ones that went. Also light damage around the front exhaust cam cap beside the timing belt sprocket. It was repaired and now runs very well - however it costed him £430 for the repair of the sump and get new shells in.

  • No mate, it's the KLDE that's knackered - I want to know what I can nick from the K8 that might fit!!

    The oil light only flickered on round corners, then off again - so if I have the same symptoms, it sounds like it's salvageable..? Sounds like after fixing the leak, it's bearings & shells, crank regrind, and see how it sounds?


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