Sump gasket replacement? Difficulty Level?

  • Sump gasket is leaking on my MX-3 V6… Mazda say its just sealed using silicon from a tube!

    This leads me to believe that it should be a relatively easy thing to do; drop the sump, clean, apply silicon and attach back onto the car.

    However does anyone know differently? I'm presuming the sump has never been off the car, so how difficult is it likely to be to shift?

  • Have confidence! You've done your research. I think you will be fine. Can't see it being that hard to peel off :) I might actually do this myself at the weekend. Mine is a tiny bit oozey and rusty, and I can't stand rust.

  • You might find it a little stuck on if there has been bonding agent used in the past. Use a rubber mallet or a block of wood and hammer to shock it of. Very easy to do, make sure everything is nice and clean when you put it back together and DONT over tighen the bolts up as they will strip very easy.

  • and make shore no oil is in the joint when you put it back up or it wont seel


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