Mouse in my car

  • not sure if im in the rite part, but here goes lol… av onli had ma car a week ni yeah. took it out lasnite and obviously were all law abbiding peeps and dont speed. BUT! wiv the wind behind me it seemed 2 push me up 2 120mph :cry: . so neways... heard a squeelin type noise cummin frum my engine i think. like one of those lil paper party blowers that go in n out. only happened twice. sounded like it came frum frunt left side of car! any ideas? cud have possibly bean the heater 2 but im not sure as it only happened twice and was over quickly. :?: :?: :?:

  • Its prob turbulent airflow making the noise if you was doing over 100, the rubber flaps over the headlights and door rubbers can make a few party blower noises sometimes.

    I did 145mph in my old 1.8 V6, they do over 120 mph no probs with a few minor mods….

  • what engine mods did you have on your old 1.8 come to mention it

  • 145 lol… fs id pass out @ them speeds in my lil v6 ... ive also noticed she is really heavy on the juice plus shes burning a bit of oil 2 fs :cry: ... not sure how serious these things are but im sure ill let yas know soon lol. ive no mods at all... completely standard xcept 4 the suspension. its been lowerd quite considerably... suspension has a lil switch which wen pressed makes the car click 4 a few seconds wha eva that does i dont know lol. suspensions rock hard too... no give at all.

  • ok the cars new! service it yourself
    you will need
    1 gallon of oil
    fuel filter and oil filter
    2 big basins
    vice grips and socket set

    im going to tell you what to do first ok and then tell you how ok!

    you going to up the bonnet and take off the oil cap
    now check your oil and note the colour!

    step 1
    position yourself under the car! look twards the engine ok,
    now look for the lowest part of the engine! you will otice its what the bottom of a bowl would look like with a nut at the end! (thats your sump) it should be positioned on the driver(ish side)

    step 2
    place one of your 2 basins under that nut that u see at the sump.
    make sure the sencond one is cloe at had! its supprising how much oil is in the car!

    step 3
    get you vice grips etc. (watch your face oil in the eyes is very nasty) now twist the nut till it comes off! now let the oil drain out when the oil has finished draining remove the basin and dispose of the oil


    step 4
    put the second CLEAN basin under hte sump again ready to catch oil

    step 5
    now get your gallon of oil you have and pour the a letre of the contents into the engine

    making sure to let the oil run out again at hte bottom into your basin.
    repeat this about 3 or 4 times

    step 6
    now repace the sump nut making sure it tight! now pour the ramainder of the oil into the engine!

    Dont worry that the amount of oil dosent show straight away it takes a while!

    step 7
    about 10-15 min later check your oil level

    step 8
    down the bonnet and start the engine

    step 9
    let it tick over for about 5-10 min and let the oil get into the system

  • Nice write-up! Very handy. Missed out how to change the filters though. And also, on Step 5, do you run the same litre of oil through 3-4 times or use a new litre each time?

  • this is a good write up (seen as it was the only one i could find on oil changing)

    and i know this is a necro but id like to repeat valley's question

    what engine mods did you have on your old 1.8 ffs

  • he's long gone mate! Think he had air filter, maybe an underdrive pulley, dont think he even had headers back then. 120 would be easy enough stock I'd imagine…

  • wind pushed him to 120mph :D haha i like it.

    "Sorry Officer, the wind pushed me" :lol:

  • lol "mouse in my car" hahaha


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