Engine transplant

  • i seen a 2.5 v6 in the local scrap yard today, will that engine fit in the j spec 1.5,

    if so how much work has to be done in relation to other parts and wiring apart from drive shafts brakes etc

  • ehh most will say just get a v6 and convert it. Or get a donor v6 and rob it of lots of parts such as:
    wiring harness
    cross member
    engine mounts

    Have a search on mx-3.com. The bp swap maybe a better power route for you.

  • if youve got a 1.5 dont even bother! :P
    live down in weston super mare
    and have done the swap 3 times (in the same car lol)
    so if you need any info or need a car to look at if you get in to trouble
    b happy to help a fellow mxer
    but if you wana 2.5 it, get a v6 to start with


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