• I think I saw a thread about this but cannot find it. :?
    I would like to get new seat covers and wonder if anyone has bought any from Halfouls or anywhere.
    Info on size to get, quality and price would be helpful, please.

  • Now i have took my harneses out i use snap seat covers they fit lovely 18 quid plus vat each with life time replacment.

  • Not sure, Mechanic, but I think you might be meaning protective/waterproof covers - like garagey ones.
    I am thinking more of the decorative kind that cover the existing somewhat worn seats front and back.
    Or am I wrong?

  • No i got the wrong end of the stick :oops:

    There is a company in ebay that custom make interior cloth items. I got front and rear matts for £30 delivered they are excellent quality, they also do door cards and seat covers… will try and find there name.

  • Well, that's a relief. According to the wife I always get things wrong!! :?

    Looking forward to the supplier name.


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