Wynns Stop Smoke

  • I found this on the internet and wondered if it's any good.
    My K8 is burning oil slightly (not overly smokey but needs topping up every now and then) and I wondered if you all reckon this might help at all?

  • its only a temp thing really. this softens up the valve stem seals which is most likely reason for burning followed by rings.

    however if your stems seals are dried out totally you could be looking at new ones.

    but do try as safer to start with small cash amounts

  • just wonderin if any of u have had the rings done b4? and is it a costly job or cud u do it urself? ive tried the wynns smoke stuff but to no avail so far… jus wonderin wha my next step should b. cheers lads :wink:

  • Everyone drop in a ZE :D Id never rebuild a K8 as ud find bits that need replacine etc so may as well spend 1k and get a decent engine in there, i find additives just cover up underlying problems that need resolving…

  • hey up.
    the stop smoke takes a while to work to the max, if your v6 is burning oil then your burning the stop smoke as well. so when you top up oil top up with this as well.

    following the rings. i was hopefully going to have my valve steam seals done at easter. however been told by my service station i use it not worth it.

    soon as head comes off needs to be skimmed and polisher. then all round gaskest, including seald oil. etc. in total i would be looking around 600 quid mark and car would be out of action for a week at the least.

    therefore decide to save my 600 and save more whilst working back at uni and try to find as 2,5 v6 to drop in her. with every bit of infomation i can find about the wiring ( if it needs remapping etc.) i know the clutch will be fine as is full sports. but not sure about gear box,

    any advice would be greatly welcome.

  • Save up at least 1k and at the same time research the ZE swap, its easy as and wont take too long, took me 2days :D

  • will have the 1k by end of april (student loan) now looking for the engine. am i right the 2.5 comes out of the mx-6. if so i might have one near by my home address.

    also is there any re-mapping of the ECU and wires for the 2.5

  • I think the Sourcing a KL-ZE thread needs to be made a sticky, iv told 5 peeps now where to get one, there is also a small writeup i did over engine codes.

  • right found my engine. going to cast a total of £584.17 and that with the shipping price. now have to see what is added on to that with the import fees. now just looking what is required with altering other bits of the car. such as inlets. ignition. etc.

    so now i got out of the sticky.

    any advice on certain things to look out for and parts that need to be altered and changed.

  • Contact Ian at Nippon Spares, that's the guy Tommy D told me to call and he sorted me out a KL-ZE for £700 including delivery(!), MS8 IM and I swear he even said it came with the ECU. Awesome price they can deliver it in a matter of days.

  • luv's you p..

    save me waiting around for weeks to get it from america or jap

    been told today that this is the shopping list extra i need

    distributor O-ring (1)
    Cotter pins for Tie rod ends (2)
    Self-locking nuts for downpipe (6)
    Downpipe Gaskets (2)
    Exhaust manifold gaskets (2)
    Drive shaft clip (1)
    Vacuum tubing (a few ft)
    Penetrating fluid! (my can did some overtime!).

    and the VAF sensor to overcome any problems with the engine lights being on. by using the 1.8 version. right now on to nippon next week and my service station.

  • Glad someone listens to me, maybe now we can have a ZE brotherhood!

    Any probs guys drop me a pm and give me a call right away as i did my swap with my Uncle…

  • just done rough calculation and looks like im defo going to go thru with the swap. but going to be used as a summer project when i grad from uni. (something to do whilst looking for job. following that it should all cost me about 800mark. (ording the parts cheep) and no labour charges as will be working in service station on it so friendly help etc.

    this means that i think i will leave the body kit for a while and smooth out everything on the standard body. therefore no attention drawn to the car and bit of a shocker for the lads.

  • lads sori 2 b a pain lol AGAIN!! i used the wynns stuff 2 stop the oil burnin but its not doin 2 much :cry: …. wen i start my car up thers a pretty large plume of mostly white smoke now ! ive had my leads changed, plugs changed, oil changed and filters. had engine restore put in. sump blew out etc etc etc.. but it seems 2 b a lil worse now :cry: ... ive gave her a lil welly to clear the lot out but its even smokin while im drivin now:| ... any thoughts guys? and gurls lol cheers :)

  • if the smoke is mainly when engine breaking (down hill then pull off its your stem seals)

    however way you described WHITE smoke. sounds like head gasket or worse cracked head. coolent mixing with buring petrol.

    take to get service centre etc and get a chemical test done.

    if its blueish smoke (all the time) coil rings means engine stripped and new gaskest and coils all time. also will have to have both head blocks skimmed. as ali warps.

    if this get a quote on it.

    then see what difference is with engine swap.

    with my seals would be 600 and no car for week.

    with engine swap 900 ish. with no car 3 days. following that then will know the engine is totally sound with no problems.
    so doing this in summer,

    you have to see whats better for you


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