V6 swap

  • hi put a 2.5 v6 out of ford probe in my mx3 do i need to swap ecu or reset it? running car with mx3 one at moment cud i be missing out on power. does anyone know how much bhp it could be heard a couple of numbers but not shore.

  • You def need to put an KLZE or KLDE ecu in you are missing out on power also i think it makes the car run very lean as not ehough fuel is being let in. Or get a chip for your K8 ecu.

  • where is the best place to get a chip from or klze/de ecu from? are they hard to fit? cheers mechanic. any idea wot bhp it shud be putting out it stays with civic type r's at moment so if i am missin out on power cant wait.

  • On the track i was out dragging bmw 330 cl's … STI prodrive scoobys and the like. Nothing better than pulling up in the pits and having people comwe over to see what car just skinned em.

    Think i have a couple of ECU's at work ... I def have a K8 one that would support a chip as there are 2 types. One that does and one that doesnt.

    As for the chips think you can get them of e-bay.

  • ok about the swap im trying to do…..boosted hybrid

    1996 klde

    1992 mx3

    klze straight kneck manifold on its way

    basically im going to rebuild it with all the klze parts i can get

    what i want to know is, is it worth geting all these klze parts (40-+ bhp?)

    klde tb to klze tb..is it worth it

    and cams fuel rails etc ?

    i can get the heads skimmed,port polished and all the other machine shop stuff for cheap by a mate

  • is it a klde/ze ecu u mite have at work if so and it works how much u want for it mechanic? wot type of chip wud u recommend if i take that route?

  • No its a k8 ecu that i have, you can chip it to run the KLZE or DE.
    You need a probinator chip best thing to do is google it.

  • Probinator's Contact Details:

    This is the only chip I trust. I have it in my k8 ecu running my ZE and it works very well. I still think it runs a bit rich, but hey that'll be sorted when I finish wiring megasquirt :)

    I'd be impressed if you got 40 Jay, I'd guess 20-30. Pretty sure fuel rails are exactly the same, same injectors too with klde/klze. KLZE cams will shift the power band higher- more aggressive, but ultimately not much in figures difference with kl31 VS kl01 cams, but I still recommend them. P&P will definately help, especially if you turbo it.

  • Thank you for finding the link ^^^^^^^^

  • cheers for advice guys looked on internet site and it only says it fits klze nothing bout fitting de do u think it will still be ok? cant wait to see how much power im missing out on.

  • mechanic how much do u want for ur k8 ecu if i cant chip mine? :D

  • PM sent. :P

  • how do i find out if my ecu can be chipped?


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