Heated oxygen sensor

  • Hello all a quick question,

    I have an L Reg 94 model and wanted to get 2 new HO2 sensors LH and RH and wanted to know if there a 3 wire or 4 wire can anyone help? Oh and I have a haynes manual for an MX6 are they in the same place so I can use this book?

  • go onto fordprobestore.co.uk and email the owner (Mark) stating all your relevant car spec, he'll sort you out :)

    Yea same approximate place I'd imagine. Slightly different headers of course. They're pretty obvious though, they stick out about 2.5"s out of the exhaust manifolds.

  • get the mx3 manual in general section.

  • done that but couldn't find the section on Heated Oxygen Sensors :shock:

  • Dont want to sound like a plum but have you looked under the car at the looms that plug onto the sensors and counted how many wires there are?

  • Took the one at the front out and its a 4 wire. I have got the sensors from the probe store but have to crimp to the old plug. The problem is that they are different colours. 2 blacks a blue and a white on the original and 2 whites a gray and a black on the new. I have what the wires are for on the new sensor as it came in the box but don’t know what the wires on the old are, can any one help?


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