Air Con Blower Motor

  • Hey lads, Been a while sionce ive been last on this, been cryiong over my mx-3, poor thing is broken to bits, badly need the enginer change but want to hold off till i have enough for a few extra bits aswel, save on labour like.

    One major thing is i need a blower for the heater(aircon). does neone have one spare or can get one second hand would be a hugh help. Cant rise driving with foggy windows nemore.

    Give me a shout if ya doooooo.

    Go to see site is growing big time, hey and Stephen ill have u do the ICE in my car if ya want ha ha.


  • hey in my old mx. it used to turn off at most stupid times. could never find out excatly what was wrong but took off all cables. cleaned etc. when it did shut off a nice gently tap :twisted: worked wonders

  • actually, me and a few mates are considering setting up a budget ICE-install business! so you can be our first customer!!

    there are a few very big scrappies in Dublin, and i think a few of them post parts. might be in luck


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