MX-3 = Sports car?

  • I need some input from you guys. How should our cars be classefied?
    I see it as a fun car with over average performance and handeling. But My insurance company dont agree :) what do you think

  • in the log boot its classed as a sports coupe
    so yeh i call it a sports car

  • I think it's hopeless arguing with insurance companys! I say shop around ;) Also agree with James, it's a sports coupé by the books.

  • agree with marco and james regardless of the book.
    its obviously a sports car lol,as stated shop around,i have full comp at a good price with done deal car insurence,i also know people younger then me im 26 there 23 driving t5s and there insurence is 400 quid,i feel robbed at 750 in my little v6 :cry: .
    oh well,shop about mate but i dont think youl get better then done deal they only work there website and price comparisment sites on week days between 9am and 10.30 pm but you can get instant cover if you have installment in bank and direct debit card which i thought was use full,i noticed that even if you never had do in the bank you was still covered for 72 hours,so ok for buying a new car and trying getting cheaper quotes.
    always go full comp,some reason 3rd patys deerer :? ,i know but its true on some insurences any way.

    good luck

  • As i said before i'm payin 2300 fully comp at 21

  • i missed a payment on my insurance so i have to start again, missed out on 5 months NCB, but my insurance is down 600 euro coz im 21 now!!!!


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