Pulled some codes…

  • Hi, today I decided to check if i got any error codes from the ecu. I got #16, #17 and #24. I guess the last (EGR) one does not effect the performance of the car so I think I let it be for the moment. But the other two (heated o2 sensors), can they make the car perform different? I think the car is kind of slow, not very, but it feels like it should go faster. When i drive it hard before the motor is warmed up, then it loses all power at - 4200 (VRIS#2). I know VRIS works well when the motor is warm. The other problem appeared recently. And that is when the motor is very well warmed up. Then the idle sinks down to zero and the car dies. Not all the time but often. Adjusting the air screw in tb did make a difference at the moment, but the problem did occur after a while.

    So the questions is: Should i bother about the EGR? Where do i find the O2-Sensors? And does they somehow affect the performance of the car?

  • Yes they can make the car run like a micra. Well not that bad… Anyway. The o2 sensors are vital to closed loop, optimum performance along side knock sensor etc. They tell the ECU whether it should lean out or pile in the fuel. Without them working well expect crap performance and mileage.

    EGR, check out wikipedia for info. You can do without it, many say it hinders performance. Not even tested for by MOT.

    O2 sensors are found in each exhaust manifold. Quite tight to get at, esp the back one. Buy replacements from fordprobestore or the states.

  • Thanks Marco.
    Does the O2-sensors have some connection to the distributor? I cleaned all connectors i could reach in the enigine bay. The two that goes to the dist. hade something that looked like jelly on them? Really weird. After that i reset the ecu and the two O2-codes disappeared… maybe it was old ones but it has eaten a lot of gas recently. Maybe my imagination, but i think it runs a little better now. As for the EGR, seems like it could be pretty many faults with that code. Although i would like to know where i find the sensor? Its my 626 V6 that have these sympthoms, not the mx luckily, so the location maybe is a little bit different... BUT, must fix since this motor soon will be swapped over.. :)


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