Caliper rebuilds

  • hey all, firstly here is some advice before you do any job on this car make sure you know where you can get replacement parts from. the reason why i say this is :-

    when i got my car the brakes were s**t to say the least, so i got it home i bled them, replaced all the brake fluid with dot-4 and they were still a bit shit.

    so i thought must be brake pads, so i went to halfords on moday night to buy some new pads got them easy enough but they did not sell the retaining springs, so came home went online, couldn't find any anywhere but eventually found some on PROBESTORE.CO.UK so getting them posted out (should arrive on friday or saturday).

    so i took the calipers of with the intention of just using the old retaining springs. got them off the car and noticed that all the rubber seals had gone and that the caliper was in pretty bad shape. i also noticed that the sliding mechanism (these calipers are sliding not fixed or floating) was totally ceased so i pealed away the remains of the rubber seals and proceded to hammer the sliding bolt hole out, these where totally corroded
    any way cleaned them all down, totally stripped the calipers, chucked the tattered rubber seals away thinking that getting new one would be easy. got a cheap dremel wanna be mini drill out and proceeded to polish the caliper. got about half way there and the mini drill died so i've ordered a decent one now. well i went online to order some replacement caliper seals and no where sold them, eventually found a company called BIGG RED and they are sending me some out for the price of about £30, maxda dealership wanted £45,

    so now i've just got to wait for all the parts to get here and i can crack on

    i'll put some pictures on here of the shiny calipers and when i've painted them

  • ask hypno how much for his front calipers dude. ive got to go down and get some parts, for rafi in america, dont mind picking u some calipers up.

    caliper rebuild can cause a pain in the arse if the piston pops out.

  • i've done most of it just waiting for the new parts putting the pistons back in is easy if you know how, in fact if anybody wants there's rebuilt let me know and i'll put as price together to do it


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