Running too rich

  • The exhaust recently came apart between the backbox and CAT and I haven't had time to fix it or take it to the garage. It ran fine for a few weeks, but recently then engine has been spluttering a bit and yesterday it wouldn't even start, I think it had flooded. I managed to start it again today, but it's still not running smoothly - Every other time I put my foot down it sounds like it's misfiring or something, Im guessing maybe it's running too rich, but not sure…

    Does anyone know what the problem is and whether it is related to the exhaust having gone? I thought maybe the lack of pressure would effect things, but not sure, which is why I thought I'd post on here. Any ideas?

  • check the firing components.

    N/A cars reply on back pressure. make it run shit at the worse id think, never seen one nearly die from it.

    get that exhaust fixed also, dont wanna have to come to your area equiped with a welder and a gimp mask.

  • Cheers Welly, appreciated man.

    I'm gonna check the plugs this weekend when I have time and am desperately trying to find an exhaust, so hopefully will be sorted sometime soon :)

  • OK, I got the exhaust fixed and shes running a lot better now, but its still misfiring a bit… I checked the plugs on the weekend too and theres a lot of oil in around them which is a bit wierd, although shouldnt effect the firing. However, the leads are really loose which is a bit odd, so could that be the problem?

    I also noticed the handbrake light is appearing when I go round sharp corners...quite wierd..! :?

  • Incase anyone's wondering I found out why the handbrake light keeps coming on - it's low brake fluid.

    I still have firing problems though…The wierd thing is, when the car is cold it runs absolutely fine, but as soon as I've been driving for a five mins and the engines warmed up it starts misfiring and spluttering... Any ideas?

  • Check the air intake after the air filter - the big corregated tubing can split (did on mine), makes it run very rich and have problems, inc. revving itself, stalling, running rough etc.

    Just a thought!

  • Cheers pheo, will check that tonight.

  • try your ht leads mine was acting similar, like just the spark breaking down going through the leads


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