MX-3 in Newbury - gone!

  • I have fancied an MX-3 for ages - as well as the MX-6, Prelude and Celica (not the new shape) - and one that I have seen regularly over the last 2/3 years or so was usually parked on the A4 at Newbury not too far from the BP station.
    To a large degree it sort of kept my interest going.
    A few weeks ago it disappeared and I assumed the owner was on holiday or something.
    Went to Newbury this week and it has been replaced by a Mitsi Lancer with the same number plate.
    Ironic that I have recently bought my red mx only for my red mx inspiration to be sold on.
    If anyone knows this car I hope it has gone to a good home (and is on this forum).

  • A touching story :cry: Now you must be the inspiration :lol:

    I hate seeing mxs not being looked after. Hardly ever see any where I live.
    I saw a red one yesterday, rear hatch was totally bubbled with rust, tried to follow him but he was speeding like a madman!

  • What?? You couldn't catch him with your mean machine!! :shock:

    This Newbury one didn't look in too bad condition - just from driving past - but who knows.

  • lol it wasn't a power issue, though only the red 1.8 is on the road atm. But aside from that, cops are on par with the SS over here, so tend not to speed!


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