Klde mx3 help

  • ive bought a klde(1996) for my mx3 (1992)

    ok i want to rebuild it whilst its out but need your guys help!

    where can i get forged pistons, cams grinded,turbo, bigger injectors, better inlet manifold,

    what turbo ?

    basically all input and help would be greatly appreciated

  • phew! thats gonna be a monster.

    Here is a very basic list for ya:

    Turbo: can get pipes off ebay, then replace gaskets with decent ones. not sure about actual turbo though. best to ask James or Welly

    Cams + Pistons: Probably best to do a search for Ford Probe V6 performance parts as a lot of them will fit. Marco has some great info on this

    Mani: You can get a refurbed manifold from http://www.fordprobestore.co.uk/store/ and also a throttle body if u were interested.

    Injectors: The Mazda Millenia S (pre 1999) injectors will fit with a bit of modification and are 280cc where the KLDE's are between 220-230cc

    thats the extent of my knowledge anyway!!

    Good luck!

  • ok jay add me on msn i got a few sorces for difrent things and some detaled teck infor for you

  • http://www.flatlander-ipp.co.uk/K1/k1rods-special.shtm/ have pistons, forged rods etc :) good for 900hp/ 10k rpm but at that rate you'd really need dry sump/ elec oil pump. IPP have a USA site too, so if you're flying over get some there ;)

    Cams you have a few options, group buys on probetalk forums or from colt cams http://www.coltcams.com/

    Turbo pipes as ebay as Stephen said can also get the millenia injectors of US ebay, or think there's some on mx-3.com sales section atm.

  • :roll: Good luck with it :twisted:


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