Went to start my car today

  • Went down to the underground car park my cars been parked in for a few months to start it up as I haven't touched the car in about 3 weeks now. but Its wouldnt start for me. thats the first time its ever not started for me , the battery is so gone the alarm wouldnt even work!!!. Im realy annoyed now as Im worried about the dvd player and stuff thats stuck in the car that can easily be stolen now. ( i know the alarm wouldnt do much except make noise but it at least gave me some reassurance ) gonna have to get jump leads to it tomorrow and start it up at least once a day now till I start driving again in around a week to make sure this doesnt happen again. ( in defence of the car it was FREEZING when I tried starting it up, and its been cold like that for a few weeks now)

    annoyed rant over.

  • once its running again, if its not being used much, try and start it and leave it runnig abit, try and change battery up abit,dont want this happening again.


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