Any one use door poppers?

  • hi lads,
    any one got these on there cars?
    let me know as i plan on getting one as i might remove my handles completely lol.

    what do you get with the kit?
    ineed one that wires into my alarm so when i click my alar my drivers door opns at the same time.

  • Had them on a TVR that i borrowed, very flash i thought :roll:

    Not sure were to get them! Sorry..

  • ebay, where else!!??

  • all you need is a central locking motor, to pull the rod that the handle normally pulls, then a spring attached to the door or the door jam.

    so buy a remote central locking kit, and 2 springs, easy!

  • I had them on my 3. Theres 2 different motors being different powers. At first I had the smaller motors and they burned out in a few months, but once I replaced them with the larger type motor they were fine and lasted until I sold the car….

    Had them linked up to my clifford, so you pushed the fob and the door popped open. Also had a button the the plastic shroud around the windscreen so you could push it if the fob failed...

    Another idea if you have a stock bumper would be to adjust the route of the bonnet 'pop' cable incase the car battery died.

    Luckily with the drift bumper, I could reach up and pull the cable manually.


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