Rod's - Selective re-spray

  • Exterior now much improved. Gave all un-sprayed panels a going over with with Farecla G3 and finished with Meguairs Tech Wax. Intend to finish off with Collonite soon.
    New number plates to get and trim needs some cleaning. Rear window to get tinted.

    Oh!! And window stickers to fit. ':D'

  • Cant see any pics :(

  • Sorry. Set up a 'Mazda' folder on photobucket after posting and did not amend links.
    Anyway, does it look any good??

  • jus looked at ur pics before and afta mate and ur car looks awesome ive got a red mx3 myslef in similar condition jus put a 2.5 v6 in it cud do with a few tips with wot to use to bring paint work up if uve got any suggestions? :D

  • Looks very nice.. 8)

  • looks fantastic :D

  • Mechanic - Much Ta!!
    Marco - Praise indeed. Thanks.

    Quinny -
    I am no expert in detailing and just read up some stuff and tried it which seemed to work pretty well without too much effort.
    If you want to go mad on preparing your car read Pringle-Addicts guide on this Forum here - or have look at one or two of the detailing forums such as -

    I tried T-cut on mine and was not too impressed and in the end the spoiler and bumpers really were too far gone. Luckily a mate put me on to 'Bill at the farm' :) who did me good spraying at a reasonable price.
    For the rest of the car I already had heard about the Farecla compounds and Bill recommended it. It is a white paste and you apply it wet. Must admit I am impressed with it. It isn't as severe as T-cut. Not seen it in shops but you can buy it online - just google or ebay search 'farecla'.
    Because I already had some I then used Meguairs Tech Wax which enhanced the colour even more.
    I am thinking about putting some Collonite 476s to finish off as it seems to get good reviews. You can buy this here - or shop around a bit for a better deal.
    You will have sore arms. :wink: Good luck and put pics up.

  • Had the rear window tinted - pressie from wife - so here's the pics…

    Hope the URL stickers are prominent enough for 'The Management' :)

    As you can see they are almost clear when looking out from inside.

    This one is just to scare you!!

  • Rear tint looks nice, almost factory looking… I bet the guys had fun cutting the vinyl for the curve in the glass. :D

  • Too right he did!

    He said he had done one before many years ago and it was not a happy memory.
    The day before it was done he had looked on the 'vehicle tinters' forum where they list cars with comments and advice. For the mx-3 it said 'don't do it!'.
    Nonetheless he took it on and although it took nearly 2 hours he has done a great job.
    It is just about the biggest car window he has done apart from American gas guzzlers.
    When finished I said, 'you never know, you might get some more mx-3's to do', and he said a rude word to me. :lol:

  • schexy :D Yet also functional if you've anything of value in the boot. Your's is very clear looking from the inside, mine's alot darker, oh well :lol:

  • Apparently it will cut out 69% of light and heat from the sun so, it is recommended to park with rear facing south. 8)

  • @2613beec81=Rod:

    Apparently it will cut out 69% of light and heat from the sun so, it is recommended to park with rear facing south. 8)

    I met a dogger who once said that :lol: :lol: :roll: :lol: :lol:

  • You don't want to get sunburnt in all the wrong places. Imagine explaining that to the wife! :D

  • Getting back to the topic, car looks great!


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