A Sad Day, But Someone May Benefit From It.

  • Any chance you're selling the exhuast?

  • @c830c10dcb=james:

    whats the orange thing between the inlet and servo ?
    and waht dose it do ?

    looks like an Ecotek valve, meant to improve mpg or something. In reality makes a daft noise and is a waste of money :P According to my brother anyway… :lol:

  • what how the hell is that supost to improve mpg its between the brake survo and the inlet

  • Think it creates some sort of swirl in the inlet…

  • Front bumper please :D

    And Headlamps :D

    Its for Rafi.

    Cheap as possible. bearing in mind i can get one for free in black, but trying to help rafi out making it easy as possible.

    Ill get dad to come and pick em up one weekend with me :D get the kettle on mate :D haha, thanks.

  • can i have a pic of the wheels also please mate.

  • I've replied to ya email Welly. I'll try and some photos of the wheels after work if its not to dark.

  • looking for a good set of OEM floormats….

  • Rafi is being a penis, trying to sort paypal out then alls ago, get a pic of the matts for MoonEggs, if he wants will get them for him also.

  • Sorry Mooneggs I never had OEM matts only ones from halfrauds, motorworld etc.
    I should have those pics of the wheels for you tomorrow Welly, sorry its taking me so long, been a really busy week at work.

    New car arrives tomorrow so I should be able to start stripping the 3 after that.

    Everyone whos put your names down for parts, I have your email addresses and I'll be in contact as soon as I get the bits off :)

    If anyone is willing to drive to Doncaster with some axel stands theres a Powerflow exhaust going for £50 (cat back)


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