A Sad Day, But Someone May Benefit From It.

  • Unfortunatly the time has come for me and my 3 to part ways. Its been a joy to own for 6 years but its got to the stage where its going to cost me more to put through its MOT than the car is worth. The situation now is that the car will be going to the big MX-3 graveyard in the sky at the end of October. So I'm offering up bits of her for sale. I'd rather see some of my car go to a good home than leave them rotting in a junk yard. So come one come all, name a price on parts (plus shipping obviously ;) ) and I'll see what I can do. I'm not looking for silly money some come grab yourself a bargin.

    Parts include : Black rear Lexus lights (standard also available), Reverse glow dash dials, Brushed alloy dial surround, Ecotek valve, a full set of 6 never used Bosch Super 4 spark plugs and all the other gubbins you'd find on a 1998 V6.

    Or if your feeling flush you can have the whole car no strings attached for £500. Engine is rock solid and has never had any problems. But gear box needs work.

    Any pictures of part required just ask.
    If anyone is intrested PM me or email me at hypnoticstoat@aol.com

    –--EDIT---- Apologies but I wont be able to ship any parts till the 24th of October. Sorry if I've put this up a bit early but I thought it would give people a chance to see it. Until then I still need the car in running order.

    The lights are fair game tho cos I can swap the old ones back on to it :)

  • whats the orange thing between the inlet and servo ?
    and waht dose it do ?

  • hypnoticstoat - could you check your PM's mate.

  • Any chance you're selling the exhuast?

  • @c830c10dcb=james:

    whats the orange thing between the inlet and servo ?
    and waht dose it do ?

    looks like an Ecotek valve, meant to improve mpg or something. In reality makes a daft noise and is a waste of money :P According to my brother anyway… :lol:

  • what how the hell is that supost to improve mpg its between the brake survo and the inlet

  • Think it creates some sort of swirl in the inlet…

  • Front bumper please :D

    And Headlamps :D

    Its for Rafi.

    Cheap as possible. bearing in mind i can get one for free in black, but trying to help rafi out making it easy as possible.

    Ill get dad to come and pick em up one weekend with me :D get the kettle on mate :D haha, thanks.

  • can i have a pic of the wheels also please mate.

  • I've replied to ya email Welly. I'll try and some photos of the wheels after work if its not to dark.

  • looking for a good set of OEM floormats….

  • Rafi is being a penis, trying to sort paypal out then alls ago, get a pic of the matts for MoonEggs, if he wants will get them for him also.

  • Sorry Mooneggs I never had OEM matts only ones from halfrauds, motorworld etc.
    I should have those pics of the wheels for you tomorrow Welly, sorry its taking me so long, been a really busy week at work.

    New car arrives tomorrow so I should be able to start stripping the 3 after that.

    Everyone whos put your names down for parts, I have your email addresses and I'll be in contact as soon as I get the bits off :)

    If anyone is willing to drive to Doncaster with some axel stands theres a Powerflow exhaust going for £50 (cat back)


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