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    I have changed my mind about swapping the engine mounts during the ZE swap.

    I was gonna buy the performance mounts from the US for about £300, however after speaking to a few "racer" mates and some people on various forums I have decided to keep the stock mounts (if they are ok, otherwise swap for new stocks) and see how it goes!

    I might plan on getting the performance ones in a year or so, providing I have no problems with the stocks.

    Anyone think this is a really BAD idea?


  • Lots of Yanks go for Poly-Urethane Filled Motor Mounts.

    They get 80A grade poly-urethane (thats the hardness setting) and fill the old stock mounts with it.

  • Dont buy the mazdaspeed performance mounts they are Crap, just fill the originals with some Poly and save yourself loads money.

    If you cant get the stuff in the Uk, drop Jeroentje (jeroentje.nl) a mail we do a return service on these.
    Just send us an old set, and within two weeks you will receive a set back thats has been filled and recoated with nice glossy paint.

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    Cheers mate, will look into doing that in the next few months :D



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