Does anyone else have grey connector ports on their ECU?

  • Hi Guys,

    I have just bought a K8 ECU here that has grey connection ports where the loom plugs in instead of yellow.

    Has anyone else got this on their ECU?

    If so please let me know and give the year and model of your MX-3 and also if it is an import or UK version.


    I need to know as I bought it so that I could put a probinator chip in it for my KLZE. It has the correct chip number (-2242 at the end) I have just not seen the grey connector ports before and want to make sure before I go through the hassle of getting the chip put in.



  • admin


    Its all good, the different colour connectors dont mean anthing different, it will still work the same, I think it might be something to do with the age/exact model type but it all looks good… get soldering :twisted:

    P.s. remember you need to desolder the top of the legs by the chip too as there are tracks there also!

    P.p.s My spare ECU has the grey connectors and works fine.



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