Knocking sounds from suspension or exhaust.

  • My 93 1.8 V6 makes a knocking sound when going over rough pacthes in the road.

    I can't quite make out if it's front suspension or if the exhaust is swinging and knocking.

    Before I climb underneath and have a good look round, is there a common fault that i should look at first (bushes or linkages).

    I note that suspension parts are faily cheap on Ford Probe Store so maybe a full suspension overhaul would be best.

    Any clues would be very welcome.


  • I replace anti-roll bars every day at work they seem to be a servicable item now a days. I have replaced both the rear on my MX. So it would be a good start to look there.

    To check your exhaust grab the tail pipe and give it a good old shake from there.

    Then move on to check your bottom ball joints, jack up the front wheels, grab the top and bottom of the wheel and give it a rock, if your bottom ball joints are f*****d then you feel it knock slightly and have slight play.

    To check your antiroll bar links just hold them in the middle of the bar and move them forward and back. It also could be the antiroll bar saddle bushes, visual check them for red rust round the rubber bush.

  • Thanks for the tips.

    I've got some new drop links now from ROC's shop, so will give them a whirl at the weekend. If this doesn't solve it, at least it eliminates something and makes bushes the next job.

  • had same problum on mine thort it was rear anti-roll bar but turned out to be coil knock as its on 45mm springs it was lowerd when i got it other wise i woud have put the coil covers back on

  • could also be a wheel bearing


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