Noisy Tappet

  • Hi guys just looking for a bit of advice. I have an N reg Mx-3 V6 and recently it developed a loud tapping when driving, i have a fair amount of technical knowledge so fairly sure thats its a stuck (or broken) tappet. I was wondering if anyone would have any tips for fixing it other than adding top cylinder lubricant or the likes as i have already tried that. Was also wondering how much of a hassle it would be to remove the rocker cover on the rear bank to have a look as i know the intake comes over the top of it.

  • We have HLAs, these gunk up then get noisy. First step is to try some wynns HLA treatment or the like to try and clean the gunk out, which you've tried. I guess the only other thing you can do than messing about with fluids is replace them. This will be a PITA, removal of cams, redoing timing belt etc and not cheap as there's of course 24 of them. I'd keep trying treatment/oil change etc.

    Removing the intakes easy enough, quite a few sensors, just remember to label things, particularly the fuel lines. You'll probably need new intake manifold gaskets as the coating will perish with the removal of the IM, and while you're there do the rocker gaskets.

  • Excellent, cheers bud. I think i will do as you suggested and try some more treatments. Any suggestions on good makes? As i said before i have tried a couple. One which required an oil change, which i did, and replaced the filter. And another one which didnt required an oil change as it was obviously less vicious.

    If i can't fix it with fluid treatment and end up having to open her up and remove cams and the like would it be worth investing in uprated cams of some decription? Obvioulsy this would require opening up the other bank too.

    Cheers again


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