A Quick Bumper Question

  • Hi guys,
    Does anyone know or can anyone find out and tell me what the distance is between the bumper irons on a MX3???
    I'm fitting a new bumper after having a prang and it doesn't sit properly so I'm trying to find out if it has moved the bumper iron on the side that got hit??


  • so are you saying the studs from the new bumper are not lining up with the holes in the frame to install it?

  • ummm… the bumper fits onto the car but because the drivers side bumper iron has been bent in It doesn't sit properly perfect and looks a right mess

  • could you take a pic of the points you want measured? Maybe mark it up in photoshop or paint?

  • Wouldn't have the first idea how Marco lol!
    The best I can describe it is I need the measurement between the 2 inside edges of the bumper irons - I know the nearside iron is in the correct position.


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