'Clunk'ing noise when opening driver's door

  • As per title really.

    When I open the driver's door, it makes a clunking noise twice. I think it may have something to do with the checkstrap (stops the door opening too wide), but not sure.

    Anyone else had this and can give some simple instructions on the best fix?


  • Had my passenger off the other day for similar reason,half way back it would crunch,then when i shut it would seize half way shut,then when i did get it to shout it wouldnt lock proply.

    it was the lower door hinge on mine,it had popped out a bit,so i took door off and you could see it was bulging out,whacked hammer on it so its flat like top one and put back on,problem solved.

    yours could be,its not sitting on the hinge proply,im not sure,is your passenger door doing the same thing?
    you may need to just grease the hinges tbh,i dont knw,compare with your opposite door

  • my drivers door drops a little bit when it first opens, and clunks back up when you shut it. its got something to do with the pins in the hinges, well mine has anyway.

  • Is it possible to adjust our door hangings?

    Mine hangs very low as well (because of the extra weight)

  • were all having same problems,my door is now doing it again,its like its hanging low.
    well the problem is,you can adjust the hinges but the door has to be off and then it wont line up proply after,theres no way of doing it with doors on as you can even see the bolts.

    the top hinge has 2 bolts and a line up guider that looks like a bolt in the middle,the bottom just has the 2 bolts,im going to try where the door actually catchs to shut,can any of you post if you sort the problem please.

    ps i will do the same if i sort mine

  • ive now adjusted the hinge bolts that go to the door and my door is officialy fooked its poping the wing when shooting and ive broke the metal thing that stops it flying ope.
    good job im getting a new door and paint job!


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