Error codes 23 and 17 - O2 sensor

  • Posted a previous thread about the car running rich, just preformed the LED test after finally getting round to buying a LED. Came up with error codes 23 and 17, which are for the Heated Oxygen sensor. Am guessing this will be located in the small box beside the air filter box, if I'm wrong can someone correct me? And has anyone any experience in replacing it?


  • They're located at the base of each header, where they meet the Y collector pipe. They're a PITA to remove because it's so tight down there, well more the rear one is tricky.

    I replaced both of mine… when the engine was out :lol:

  • the other question you have to ask yourself is how good is your soldering???

    You can buy standard sensors from about £15 each and solder then onto your existing plugs or you can pay £45ish for ones with the plugs already fitted.

    I have an MX-6 and had one replaced relatively recently. Got a good deal for a garage to do it so I didn't bother attempting it myself.

    Also, ensure you replace the correct one. If your car is a V6, there will be one on each cylinder bank. The front one you can get to from underneith with the car jacked up (obviously be careful with this!) and the rear one can be done in the same way or through the driver's side wheel arch if you remove the wheel and wheel arch liner.

    Cheap sensors can be sourced from ebay (£15ish) or better quality ones (with plugs fitted) can be found here (£50ish)

    Have Fun!!!

  • Thanks, Going to attempt it with one of the ones off of ebay, its the RH one which has gone according to the error codes. Going to attempt it on my next day off and hopefully the engine will be running perfect for the 1st time.


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