Carnauba Q

  • Hey,

    Just picked up a big 5L bottle of carnauba wash/wax.

    whats the best way to use it??!!

  • If it says Wash on it, it normally goes in a bucket of water.

    What product it is exactly?

  • i deserved that i guess.

    its some p.o.s. Aldi job. it says all in one, but i thought the process could be a bit different with the carnauba wax in it as its a very heavy substance to mix up with a detergent. but it does say wash and wax i suppose

  • I used a similar wax/wash carnauba wax bottle by armourall. It was ok. I went out and bought a load of products after pringleaddicts write up. Spent last night after work on it, but didn't even get half the car done! Bits I have done are looking awesome though :D

  • i think i just wasted my money! some research on my part would have helped!! i know, cant wait to get some of those goodies and get stuck into the car! but its goin in for a respray in a month or so, so not much point!

  • Glad the post helped Marco.

    What bits did you get?

  • It sure did, I got:
    Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner
    Autoglym Super Resin Polish
    Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection
    Lots of microfibers

    Sadly couldn't find any clay locally in time :( Or proper wax. Just used my old meguiars tech wax. End result was still awesome though :D

  • Great work.

    For use by hand, I don't think you can get any better than the Autoglym products. They are just so nice to use, and give a great result.

    Of all the processes to miss, claying is probably the least noticeable, so no biggy there.

    btw, a 60º wash of your microfibres will bring them up like new - just don't use conditioner as that will fek them.

  • thanks :) I stuck them in at 40 just, seemed to come out ok, though I think that extra 20 might help to really purge the products.


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