Rear Demist Fuse - where is it?

  • My rear demist don't work. Here's where I am to date:-

    No light on push button.
    Cannot hear relay clicking. (not too sure I have identified the relay assume it the one adjacent to and smaller than the indicators)
    checked 40 amp fuse under bonnet - OK.
    12v is arriving at fuse.
    continuity of rear screen is OK and seems earthed OK.

    So I had a look at the manual.
    Page 972 and 3 are the diagrams. If you follow live from battery through main 100A fuse to ignition switch then down to the coil for the WINDOW DEFROST RELAY between these two points is a fuse marked 15A METER.
    Anyone know where this fuse is as it the obvious next item to check.

    Thanks in advance.

  • i would imagen in the litle fuse box in drivers foot well
    also have you checked in the rubber thats between the boot and the car to see it there are any brakes in the wire ?

  • there is one that controls it in the drivers footwell and one under the bonnet

  • Thanks guys!!
    Had a look in the footwell this afto and you are right there is a fuse marked METER. Hadn't noticed before 'cos I wasn't looking for it.
    Sadly, the fuse was OK so it is back to the investigation. Everything points to the relay or the dash switch I think.

    James, the wiring to the demist element is probably OK as the problem seems to be the switch side as the indicator light is not coming on although it is well worth me checking the rubber as you suggest just in case.

    Has anyone gained access to the dash demist switch? If so how as I don't really fancy having to remove the dash.

  • i did in the last car. to be honest, its actually a really easy dash to take apart.

    there are 3 crews above the clocks, and 2 screws behind the steering column housing, undo those and thats it! there will be 2 sets of wires, one going to the hazards, the other to the demist. but again, easy-to-remove clips so undo them and it'll come straight off. then there are 2 more screws holding in the switch and thats it! if its not lighting, or clicking i'd say this could be the issue

    good luck

  • yea easy to remove three screws. and also take out stearing cover for easy access.

    when u find out problem let me know as my blubs are not working im my stwitches. and neither has blown.

  • my bulb wasent working so i took it out and put an led in there he he


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